Playlist Alert: The French Press

By pcsanchez7505

From outlaw country to rock n’ roll and so much more, a carefully curated playlist can help get you through your work day. Whether you work from home or you’re stuck in an office, grab some headphones and dive into this week’s featured playlist.

This week’s playlist is one of my own creation, an impulse to immerse myself in a genre of music that is outside of my wheelhouse. Luckily I recently stumbled upon a French artist who was the initial catalyst for what I describe as The French Press.

Call it indie, electro, pop, disco or whatever you fancy, The French Press is an upbeat, playful playlist filled with songs sung in the French language that are as smooth and bold as that first sip of coffee.

This playlist is especially useful for people who want to listen to music while working, but get distracted easily by lyrics; songs sung in a different language are harder to get distracted by while still breaking up the office static.

Featured Songs

“Marions-nous” by Palatine: I’m not entirely sure how “Marions-nous” got into the look of outlaw country, folk and rock music I usually get stuck in, but I’m glad the Spotify Gods sent it my way. Palatine, the artist who sparked The French Press playlist, is a moody and atmospheric artist whose songs range from wandering romantic to coquettish city dweller. His recently released album, ‘Grand Paon de Nuit’ is a fantastic collection of work, especially considering it’s Palatine’s debut EP.

“Les Plus Beaux” by This Is The Kit: More playful than atmospheric, “Le Plus Beaux” by This Is The Kit, is quirky enough to fit in a Wes Anderson film, but calm enough to fit right in to your work routine. From the opening “ba-ba-ba-ba’s” to its brass instrumentals, this song makes you smile, even if you aren’t sure what is being said.

“Femme Fantome” by Lockhard, Fishbach: Somehow this song seems quintessentially French. From its lofty instrumentals, heavy with synth and other electronic sounds, to its playful vocal exchanges that sound less like lyrics and more like dialogue spoken with style, “Femme Fantome” is a staple song for this playlist. It’s a little bit disco, a little pop and a whole lot of cool.

“Chocolate Cafe Passion” by Livia Blanc: Livia Blanc looks and sounds like she belongs in a very fashionable Mod cafe somewhere in Paris or London. “Chocolate Cafe Passion” is a high energy, retro sounding number that is bubbly and sweet. Her debut EP is also filled with fashionable tunes and attitude to spare.

“Agitations tropicales” by L’Imperatrice: L’Imperatrice’s instrumentals are dreamy and seemingly never-ending, which makes them the perfect band to get lost in. “Agitations tropicales” is smooth, danceable and oh so chic.

Check out these songs and more on The French Press playlist, and look out for next week’s featured playlist.

Source:: Playlist Alert: The French Press

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