Fever the Ghost set to play a free show at the Echoplex

By pcsanchez7505


Fever the Ghost playing Desert Daze, May 2015

On Friday, Nov. 20, Fever the Ghost, the whimsical and fanatical psyche-rock band from Los Angeles, California, will play a free show at the Echoplex along with three other LA bands.

In a short amount of time, Fever the Ghost has made quite an impression in the Southern California/LA music scene with their theatrical performances and striking music.

Fever the Ghost’s performances are weird, trippy and off the walls eccentric – in a brilliant way of course. Singer Casper walks out in a veiled hood while his band mates saunter on stage behind him.

Their dramatic performances have all the elements of a good psychedelic rock show, and their unique sound brings the essence of psych rock into the modern age. Quipped with quivering guitar riffs, bass lines and drums, the band adds in electronic noise to add ambiance and texture.

Last year the band released its first EP, “Crab in Honey” and most recently released their debut album “Zirconium Meconium” in Sept., 2015.

Altogether, the band’s music is an ambitious feat that melts into your soul with a metallic consistency – that is to say it slinks in slowly with a bubbly consistency to ooze all around and envelope you. Both their EP and album showcases the band’s youth and vibrancy that is paired with an older style.

Those willing to take a melodic trip – take time to set aside a good hour or so – should check out “Peace Crimes,” “A Friend in Lonely Jesus” and “Hinterland” off of “Zirconium Merconium.”

In a press release, the band themselves describe their album as a “collection of songs musically interpreting the third dimensional integration process from the perspective of vital force energy incarnating into the physical world.”

This ambiguous, yet in depth quote gives insight into the creative and wildly fantastical minds of these young music makers.

Fever the Ghost will be accompanied by Fartbarf, HOTT MT, Charlie Bird at the Echoplex. This event is free with RSVP at the Echoplex’s website, and is 21 and over only. Doors open at 8 p.m.. For RSVP info, visit the Echoplex’s website here.

To check out music by Fever the Ghost, visit their website here.

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