Madonna unleashes her rebel heart in the city of angels

By pcsanchez7505


Madonna’s Rebel Heart tour took us around the world, sent us spiraling through time and space and showed us a spectacle of events all within the convenient confines of The Forum in Los Angeles.

The diva, the original Queen herself, made a dynamic appearance Tuesday night thrilling Southern California fans. Her entry on stage was nothing short of dramatic — dropping from the ceiling and looking sexy all caged up.

True to her theatrical heart, Madonna came strutting out in a stunning Eastern influenced outfit and jumped right into an intricate choreography with her back up dancers, but not before showing her fans a lusty video clip inspired by her Rebel Heart album.

As if we needed any reminder as to who she was, Madonna’s second song made it ever so clear, and right from the beginning, she showed us she meant business, after all, she is Madonna bitches.

Her energy held strong throughout the entire night as she performed well over two hours, changing costumes countless times and engaging with fans in a natural and naughty way.

Now, for the past 30 plus years, we’ve all heard the buzz about a Madonna show. Granted, her hype can be a bit overbearing, but it’s entirely justified. True to the perfectionist in her, Madonna’s choreography, cues and even spontaneous moments were all perfectly executed, making for a captivating concert — her ego isn’t the only thing that’s kept her around all these years.

The fans themselves were a spectacle to behold as their concert attire ranged from classic 80s Madonna chic to present day Rebel Heart fashion.

At the end of the night, Madonna tipped her hat, and ass, to another vivacious pop figure, Katy Perry. Perry was brought on stage by the performer, and she playfully went along with Madonna, walking the runway and dirty dancing with her “mother” pop idol. Both ladies ended the night with a sly smile and ambiguous innuendo.

Madonna saved a celebration for her last song before bidding a fond farewell to her “bitches.” Her set for the night included renditions of her classic hits — who’d ever think this girl would hear “Like a Virgin” live — and modern hits off “Rebel Heart.”

Throughout the night, she gave words of wisdom to her fans, instilling in their rebel hearts that uniqueness, community and understanding are the fundamental ideals to live by.

“When suddenly you don’t feel alone in the world, and yet you don’t judge others for being different,” she said.

If we all had to look forward to the spunk, moxy and no-fucks-given attitude that Madonna seems to be radiating these days, then I’m not so scared about getting older.


Source:: Madonna unleashes her rebel heart in the city of angels

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