Cataldo: The Band You’d Be Proud of

By pcsanchez7505

After releasing his latest LP, Cataldo’s frontman Eric Anderson took his new songs and some old friends on the road for a west coast tour. The band landed in L.A. last week to play an intimate show at the Resident in downtown’s Arts District.

The Seattle musicians seemed right at home in the small, well-lit bar nestled between small cafes and artist co-op stores, and the chilly weather was just right for Cataldo’s discography, a collection of work cultivated in the cloudy Pacific Northwest.

The night started out with local bands Cassandra Violet and Preston Graves who gave a short, but fun performance. Cataldo followed suit and serenaded a small but mighty crowd for a late night performance.

Anderson began the night with singles off the band’s newest release, opening with “Room Without a Flame” and “Little Heartbeat.” Both singles, left fans in a cheerful mood.

“I can’t help but love this damn song,” said a smiling fan as Anderson dove into an all too innocent and sweet love song.

The night’s set comprised mostly of songs from the band’s newest album ‘Keepers,’ but Anderson made sure to sprinkle in favorites from the past. “Gilded Oldies,” “My Heart is Calling” and “Other Side” were all on the bill.

Throughout the night Anderson and Co. built a rapport with fans that made you feel like you were in a room surrounded by old friend. The crowd was captivated by Cataldo’s music, and Anderson led the way to help create a unique moment for his supporters.

After following his music career for several years, Cataldo’s performance felt like a rare peek into the scope of Anderson’s talent as a lyricist and song composer. Almost every song was accompanied by insight, and not once did anyone lose interest in what Anderson had to say, or how he performed each tune.

DSC_9481Anderson’s bandmates were equally as impressive. Each member brought their own interpretation, their own spark to Anderson’s music.

On stage Anderson composed himself with a diligent hospitality and quiet candor. And though their performance was small, Anderson showcased his ability to connect with people through his music.

Cataldo’s stop at the Resident was a reunion long overdue. Friends and longtime supporters congregated over stories and experiences, and the band’s honest and quirky stage presence left none dissatisfied.

Anderson ended the night with a solo performance of “Signal Flare,” off his first album. The single was a soft and sincere token of appreciation to everyone in attendance.

“We’re just guys in our 30s doing our best,” Anderson joked.

While I have a feeling Cataldo won’t be back in Southern California for some time, I hope we continue to hear more from the band, and I look forward to the next time our paths cross. For more information about Cataldo’s music, visit their bandcamp page.

Source:: Cataldo: The Band You’d Be Proud of

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