Country, Pop and Rock Oh My!

By pcsanchez7505

It’s hard to contain my enthusiasm when some of my favorite bands and musicians are on the cusp of releasing new work. Willie Nelson, Cataldo and Spoon are among the many talented artists releasing music over the next few months. Preceding the new releases are toe tapping new singles.

5. “Sit Next to Me” and “Hot Thoughts” by Spoon

Austin based band Spoon will release ‘Hot Thoughts’ March 17, but preceding the album are two new singles. If the singles are any indication to the album’s sound, we’re in for one funky collection. “Can I Sit Next To You” is a fun adventure that begs its listeners to move, while “Hot Thoughts” revs up like a sidewinding locomotive pulling into an introspective station. It’s a song that moves in unusual ways and makes sense in the most unconventional way.

4. “My One and Only Love” by Bob Dylan

In his younger days, Bob Dylan was an eager, outspoken individual who wrote politically charged and socially critical folk songs that left no stone unturned. He was not afraid to reinvent himself, sometimes to the dismay of his fans, and now Dylan has found inspiration not in new work, but in classic American tunes. ‘Triplicate’ out March 31, finds Dylan rediscovering and reinventing old tunes, and “My One and Only” is the first single, a beautiful and pleasant track.

3. “Velvet Gloves and Spit” by Timber Timbre

Timber Timbre may have some unusual, if not questionable, song titles, but their smooth and easy sound is always reliable. “Velvet Gloves and Spit” sounds absolutely beautiful contrary to its title. It’s slow, wading in a steady pace, and Taylor Kirk’s vocals are downright soothing. Timber Timbre’s new album ‘Sincerely, Future Pollution’ comes out April 7.

2. “A Woman’s Love” by Willie Nelson:

Seasoned raconteur Willie Nelson continues to be one of the top singer/songwriters of the ages. His craft spans decades, and this year he will release ‘God’s Problem Child’ on April 28. “A Woman’s Love” precedes his new album, and it’s a slow and somber tune with thoughtful and careful lyrics. Nelson has always gracefully captured the male and female perspective on love and life.“A Woman’s Love” seems to capture both perspectives in one tidy tune.

1. “Photograph” by Cataldo:

Probably the least known band out of the group is Seattle based Cataldo. The Indie band may be small, but they are mighty with a unique sound that captures the wistful, yet existentially prone, normalities of youth. In their new single “Photograph” lyricist and singer Eric Anderson peels back to proverbial curtains of young individuals to reveal something straightforward and concrete. From photographs capturing everyday joys to road trips across the Pacific Northwest, Cataldo paints a simple, yet profound picture, one that sticks to pastel color patterns and wispy strokes. Cataldo’s new album ‘Keepers’ is out April 28.

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