Five New Songs to Freedom

By pcsanchez7505

As we move into February we already have new music and the promise of several new albums to come out in the next few months. While some artists are using their music to make social commentary about current events, others are bringing us a much needed distraction. Both are equally as important, though. Here are five new songs from the past two months you many have missed, many of which are singles to upcoming new albums, and all of which come from Los Angeles bands.

5. “Lucid Dreams” by Cherry Glazerr:

What started four years ago with 15-year-old Clementine Creevy quickly turned into a force to be reckoned with. Creevy and her band Cherry Glazerr astounded critics with their high energy and tenacious spirit. “Lucid Dreams” is off their Jan. 20 album ‘Apocalipstick,’ a cheek-in-tongue album full of ferocious howls and self awareness.

4. “Pure Comedy” by Father John Misty:

Indulgent, sarcastic and lofty are adequate descriptions for singer/songwriter Father John Misty (AKA Josh Tillman), but with his new song “Pure Comedy” Misty gets a little more serious. He still manages to get carried away, ending the song with an over-the-top soulfulness. The majority of the song, though, is filled with modest chord changes and brutally honest remarks on politics, religion and societal norms. It’s not a song for everyone, and Misty will no doubt offend some people, but one has to commend him for speaking his mind all while making one hell of a song. His new album of the same title drops April 7.

3. “Show You the Way” by Thundercat:

Funk meets Motown in Thundercat’s modern sound, and “Show You the Way” is the newest example of it. Featuring the legendary Kenny Loggins and Michael McDonald, “Show You the Way” turns heads with its smooth and soulful sound, delighting and surprising fans. The new song is a single for Thundercat’s upcoming album, ‘Drunk,’ out Feb. 24.

2. “Orange Color Queen” by Ty Segall:

Punk rocker Ty Segall takes on a softer side with “Orange Color Queen,” a song written by Segall for his girlfriend. They psychedelic new tune is sweet, creative and heartfelt. It’s definitely a quieter and calmer sound than Segall’s debut album, but it resonates with fans nevertheless. “Orange Color Queen” precedes Segall’s sophomore album, which dropped Jan 27.

1. “Freedom is Free” by Chicano Batman:

On March 3, Chicano Batman will release ‘Freedom is Free,’ a politically charged album for the modern era. Their single of the same title is out now, and if this song is any indication to what the album will sound like, everyone should be very excited for March 3. Bringing R&B sound to the forefront of their music, the East LA band merges their unique style with a rich and soulful style adding to their already brilliant collection of work. “Freedom is Free” is smart, sharp and uplifting to say the least. It reigns as a punctuation mark for the band’s progression and commitment to stay in the moment and reflect on the lift around them. The band itself is full of young crooners who dress like a 50s do-op band (funky suit and bowtie combination). Their music is anything but old, though, and the band has a knack for innovating and mixing older genres to make them new again. Recently, the band even released their own version of Woody Guthrie’s “This Land is Your Land,” reinventing the song and adding Spanish lyrics to extend a friendly hand to all who have made America their home. In a time like this, their honesty and cautious hopefulness is much appreciated.

Source:: Five New Songs to Freedom

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