New Shins Singles Bring More Anticipation Over Upcoming Album

By pcsanchez7505

It’s been a long, long road for the Shins so far. The American indie band has gone through a multitude of musicians to make up a talented, yet often changing line up. Through it all though, the band’s front man James Mercer continues to push on. Mercer, the group’s founding member, comes into the new year hoping to accomplish a goal he set for himself when he went into production of the Shins’ fourth studio album. While the album won’t be released until mid-March, the band premiered two singles last year and will perform at the Fox Theater in Pomona and the Observatory North Park in San Diego.

The music released last year marks the first singles in four years. The Shins’ last album, ‘Port of Morrow,’ came out in 2012. The band’s new album is gaining interest from fans and critics alike. Known for their dark sound, the new tracks still embody the cryptic allure of their older music. There is a new presence in the tracks however, a more experimental mood that expands on what the Shins are known for.

Inside the recording studio, Mercer noted that he and bandmates had a lot of room to not only try new things in their musical style, but experiment with the sound of each individual track. In the process of creating an album, the band recorded alternate versions of the same song.

“Name For You,” off the yet to be released album, is not as dark as their previous work. In fact, it’s a little pop-inspired with an upbeat tempo and a kooky music video to match.

“Dead Alive” on the other hand is more experimental than anything, with a beginning that sounds something like the beginning of an old horror movie.

The Shins will perform March 4 at the Fox Theater and March 6 and 7 at the Observatory North Park. You can hear both new tracks and find out about the band’s appearances in Southern California at

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