New Music Unfolds as Rachael Yamagata Wows L.A.

By pcsanchez7505

Earlier this year, singer/songwriter Rachael Yamagata released a new album to eager fans. “Tightrope Walker” is an album years in the making – Yamagata spoke to me a few years ago about recording the album – and many of the tracks incorporate experimental sounds, an edgier approach and of course Yamagata’s cryptic and thoughtful lyrics.

During her performance Oct. 26 at the Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles, Yamagata pulled out songs new and old to captivate fans in a mesmerizing performance.

“I know there’s a lot to do in Los Angeles on a Wednesday night, so thanks for choosing to spend it with this little Asian,” Yamagata said.

Yamagata and her band performed seamlessly. While her band mates stayed steady behind their respective instruments, Yamagata switched from keyboard player to guitarist to solo singer – an occasional dance move was thrown in every now and then.

In between songs, Yamagata transitioned to raconteur, regaling fans with stories about tour life and inspiration behind certain songs. Fans were especially amused by a story early on in her performance about a minor spiff after a show in Texas when two girls threw stones at the band’s tour bus.

“They had no respect for bus property,” Yamagata joked.

The night of course was focused on Yamagata’s powerful vocals and equally as impressive musical talent. New tracks such as “Tightrope Walker” and “Black Sheep” commanded a strong presence while older tracks such as “Be, Be Your Love” allowed the room to take on nostalgia.

Fans sang in unison with Yamagata, and throughout the night, many had smiles on their face. Yamagata’s welcoming presence and sincere nature transported fans from the bustling city of Los Angeles to a space that was tranquil, innocent and explorative.

Yamagata explained that many of her songs were written because of a particular life event or interaction with someone, and they were written to be related to. Everyone in the audience had a song to relate to, whether it was one of heartache, love or existential wonder.

Through her performance, Yamagata seemed to form a connection with her audience, and she allowed herself to be vulnerable and honest. Each song brought out a memory and intense emotion for Yamagata, and fans seemed to mirror her nostalgia.

The night was not just an emotional stroll through the park. Yamagata spent a lot of time working on her set to make sure the album translated well live and fans had the best experience possible. On stage you could see months of hard work come into fruition.

The night ended in a stroke of professional accuracy and candid sincerity.

To hear music from Rachael Yamagata, visit her website here.

Source:: New Music Unfolds as Rachael Yamagata Wows L.A.

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