Lucius — Lush and lovely at the Fonda Theatre

By pcsanchez7505

Once again, I’m in love. Not with a man, but a luscious pair of ladies who front the fabulous band Lucius. This love affair started a few months ago when the band released their latest album “Good Grief.” And, as if Lucius couldn’t get any more impressive, they’ve gone and left me speechless.

The New York band fronted by Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig stopped at the Fonda Theatre May 5 during their North American tour for an incredible night. The five-piece band astounded fans during a performance that was altogether breathtaking.

Lucius stepped on stage with the album’s opening track “Madness.” Jess and Holly stood side by side behind their keyboards in gorgeous matching outfits as per usual. Their hair, makeup and demeanor were perfect, and their vocals pierced through the room and into the hearts of faithful fans.

Jess and Holly didn’t stay behind their keyboards for long. The pair danced on stage, moved from side to side and even squeezed in a wardrobe change halfway through their set.

After an extended intro to “Almighty Gosh” – the band had the chance to show off their skills – Jess and Holly returned to sing the song while wandering in the crowd. Fans danced and screamed for the duo that had tons of fun mingling with star-struck admirers. DSC_3815.JPG

Their band mates were equally as impressive, perched just behind the pair on stage, as they rocked out to new and old tunes. Their chemistry and energy on stage was absolutely contagious.

While the majority of their concert was upbeat and cheerful, the band took time to captivate everyone during “Dusty Trails.” The slow, somber song ends “Good Grief,” but started a fire in our hearts when Jess and Holly stood side by side to interlace beautiful vocals and relay a powerful display of emotions.

They kept us stunned during “Gone Insane” when in a similar fashion, the pair stood facing each other to have a near shouting match with each other – not one person was left without chills after that stirring rendition.

Watching these two perform was an absolute pleasure. Along with band mates Dan Molad, Peter Lalish and Andrew Burri, Lucius gave a flawless performance.

In what can only described as pure delight, the duo returned alone during their encore to sing Elvis Presley’s “Fools Rush In,” telling the audience to hold someone’s hand or display any form of love. Fans fell silent and almost held their breath as the pair melted our hearts.

“I love you Lucius!” shouted a devout fan, breaking the silence and spreading even more love.

Like Father John Misty or other great performers, Lucius brings their own unique flavor to the stage. Their live performances are creative, fun and thoroughly enjoyable. You can tell they love what they do and that love is dispersed through sonic vibes and undeniable talent.


Lucius will be back in Southern California June 5 in Oceanside, California for a day-long music festival that includes the likes of Jake Bugg, Awolnation and The Wombats. To hear more from Lucius, or buy tickets, visit their website.

Source:: Lucius — Lush and lovely at the Fonda Theatre

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