I love you Father John Misty

By pcsanchez7505

I’m in love with a man. Yes, sweet surrender has finally come my way, and I’m not ashamed to say it. I love you John Tillman, I mean Father John Misty.

OK, so maybe I’m just in love with his stage presence. The “I love You Honeybear” musician is not your typical rocker. Sure he has the looks — tall, lanky with long hair and a beard begging to be stoked. His music though, isn’t like anything you’ll hear on the radio. Set to overindulgent melodies and rich vocals singing lyrics of sarcastic self-enlightenment, FJM’s music is anything but ordinary. His live shows are equally as satisfying.

FJM recently began his tour with two nights at The Observatory in Santa Ana. His performances were filled with theatrics, decadent dance moves and one of the best pop covers I’ve heard in a while.


Tess and Dave, March 31

The night started out with Tess and Dave, a quirky and energetic duo whose unique blend of folk and electronic music filled The Observatory with rambunctious vibes and sick dance routines. Whether they were singing about sinking that 7th, 8th … 20th beer, or harmonizing to sweet love songs, the two got the crowd moving and put everyone in a great mood.

Tess and Dave, Long Beach natives, are both friends of FJM and he brought them on stage to help with his performance.

Now, when I said I loved FJM, I meant it. Unfortunately, I have some competition. Throughout Thursday night, the sultry singer dropped to his knees multiple times and was adorned with loving hands and longing fans who screamed, sang and danced with all the intensity of FJM himself. It’s no wonder he’s made believers out of us.

Over the top theatrics are an understatement when it comes to describing what went down Thursday night. FJM moved his with a ferocity and zealous passion overcome with the purest rapture.

His alter was the stage and we, DSC_2566.JPGhis faithful fans, were the centerpiece for the most bizarre and delightful night I’ve had the fortune of witnessing. It’s not every day a musician will serenade fans with lyrics of hating all the same things and being bored in the USA.

“I Love You Honeybear” was one of my favorite albums from last year, but you haven’t truly appreciated FJM’s music until you’ve heard it live. Add in his steamy cover of Rhianna’s “Kiss it Better” and you’ve got the perfect combination of lust, lavishness and self-indulgence.

If you haven’t heard “I Love You Honeybear,” I highly suggest taking some time for yourself and FJM. Things may get weird, but it’s worth it.

The album, like all his work, creates a very different story line about love and life. It avoids being overly sentimental, and the lyrics are absolutely opulent with just a hint of sarcasm. FJM catches us somewhere between a day-dreaming loner and overbearing lover spewing hedonistic inner-monologues.

FJM continues his tour across the states and will be back in Los Angeles for FYF Fest.

For more about FJM, visit his Facebook page.


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