Hey Marseilles: Seattle’s best

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Hey Marseilles playing at the Soda Bar in San Diego March 26

Seattle based band Hey Marseilles started the year out strong with their self-titled album “Hey Marseilles.” The album, released in early February, is a great example of the band’s sound and overall demeanor.

Hey Marseilles, comprised of Matt Bishop (lead vocals, acoustic guitar), Nick Ward (guitar,) Phil Kobernik (piano), Sam Anderson (cello, electric bass), Jacob Anderson (violin, cello) and Victor Olavarria (drums), is a charismatic band whose music is a combination of sincerity and wit. Bishop’s lyrics are often a mix of love and longing, and the way the band weaves in different instrumentals and sounds makes for beautifully somber songs and stirring tunes.

“Hey Marseilles” begins with “Eyes on You,” an upbeat track that has just a little bit of heartache packed into its lyrics. From the very first drum beat to Bishop’s outstanding vocals, the song starts the album off in the right direction and never wavers – the band may have their eyes on us, but we’ve got both ears open and ready for more.

This album knows just how to pull at our heartstrings and even has a whole song dedicated to that weird little ticker inside our chests that makes us feel crazy things when we’re in or out of love.

Bishop sings in “My Heart,” “It could be closer, but it’s not over, all the true things, all that you bring. I spoke it and I know it, can’t control this wild emotion, my heart.”

While “My Heart” is full of pain and mixed emotions, Bishop and his band mates give us sweet surrender in “Perfect OK,” one of my favorite tracks on the album. The song is sweet, catchy and makes you feel good about the everyday and extraordinary normalcy of living and being in love. The song reminds those of us who are constantly searching for something more that sometimes the answers are right in front of us.

The album itself is full of surprisingly sentimental tunes and upbeat pop genius. Melodies are rich at some points and sparse at others. The band either fills us up or leaves us feeling empty. In “North and South” the band strips down their sound to focus on the lyrics which are undoubtedly the most painful and beautiful on the album.

Bishop sings, “I keep what I can, at the bottom, away from them, and you reach for it all, through the floorboards until I fall, only on the brighter days do I even try, slow my breath and leave the rest aside, you’re my night … “

The band has no trouble making their own brand of uniquely indie/folk rock, but they also pay homage to one of rock and roll’s greatest heroes. Hey Marseilles added in “Heroes” toward the end of their album, giving their own flare to a classic David Bowie song.

All in all, Hey Marseilles gave us a lovely album that translates well into the band’s live performances which are just as brilliant as their music. This past weekend I was able to catch the band in Los Angeles at the Echo and in San Diego at the Soda Bar. Both performances were charming, fun and full of great music. Everything from the band’s stage presence to the sound tech was as good as it gets.

Every time the band steps on stage they bring a little something extra to their music and always give the audience a special experience.

After a three-month tour across the states, the band has returned to the West coast – the best coast and place they call home. If you missed their stop in Southern California last weekend, you can still find their music here. So, take a chance on these charming Seattle guys and spend the day dancing to “Hey Marseilles.”


Essential Tracks: “Eyes on You,” “Perfect OK” “West Coast” and “North and South”

Source:: Hey Marseilles: Seattle’s best

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