Griffin House: New album, same charming performance

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It’s easy enough to feel right at home in the small venue of The Hotel Cafe. The cozy club, tucked away behind an inconspicuous building, felt even more inviting Friday night with singer/songwriter Griffin House, an indie/folk musician from Nashville, Tennessee whose mix of folk, blues and country influences make for a unique sound.

The night began as simply as it could. House made his way from grabbing a drink at the bar to picking up his guitar and casually strolling on stage. After a quick hello to the audience, he dove right into his first song.

House played for a little over an hour, covered a packed setlist full of old songs and newer tunes from his yet-to-be-released album, “So On and So Forth.” The charming musician, with a barely noticeable drawl, spoke with an endearing cadence as he explained his new album title, touring and family life.

House’s performance was a delightful and calming experience that matched perfectly with The Hotel Cafe’s venue.

The dimly lit club added to a basking ambiance, and it wasn’t hard for House to fill the room with his hearty voice and rolling guitar.

House’s new album is a beautiful addition to the already inspiring collection of work by House. It makes it easy for you to let go of all inhibitions, and it’s even more heartwarming when you find out his new album’s title was inspired by his grandfather.

The singer/songwriter’s latest album is a lovely reminder that good music has a transporting quality. It’s a simple, reflective piece of work that takes the listener on a pleasant journey.

House was able to mirror this journey during his performance last Friday, and everyone in the room seemed to be on a self-reflective and soothing level of consciousness.

New Album:
In “So On and So Forth,” House opens with a questioning song of yesterday. “Yesterday Lies,” a thoughtful and modest song, transports the listener from qualms of the past to embracing the future. He reminds us that sometimes the past can be deceitful, and looking too much into how things used to be distracts you from present and future joy.

“You might get me once but you won’t get the rest of me/I’m looking in front of me/Yesterday lies/I’m looking in front of me.”

The next few tracks muse over love, life and getting past internal fears. House asks himself questions about his actions and the time he’s spent looking for a sense of peace.

In the fifth track, House steps outside of himself to address a recent international tragedy. “Paris Calling (Sweet Sensation)” pays homage to the beauty of Paris. House extends his arm to the city and reminds us that despite tragedies, the city is still full of wonderment and hospitality.

“It’s a healing song,” House noted during his performance at The Hotel Cafe.

Halfway through the album, House slows down even more to reflect on his journey thus far with “Further,” a song that makes you realize no matter how you far you travel, there are still things to learn. He sings, “The further that I go/The more I see/The less I know.”

In “Easy Come Easy Go,” House lets us know that life isn’t always so easy, but perhaps it’s better that way. There are no shortcuts in life, and taking the longer, harder route makes the happy moments worth it.

In his last track, House leaves us with a somber tale about lost love. “Omaha” is a soulful and honest song about heartache. Guitar riffs, an echoing harmonica and House’s soft vocals distill every ounce of pain felt when you long for someone you can’t have.

The 12-track album is never difficult to listen to, and each song washes over you like the calmest waves. “So On And So Forth” paints beautiful pictures of life from love, loss and acceptance.

It’s a journey in itself and lets us know there is no formula to life, but if we keep looking forward and are resilient enough, we can find beauty in every experience.

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“So On And So Forth” debuts March 4 and is available for pre-order on iTunes. To listen to more of Griffin House’s music, visit his website here.

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