Dallas Green adds a little colour to San Diego

By pcsanchez7505

When Canadian born Dallas Green decided to go solo many years ago, he had one main concern — he wanted the music to speak for itself.

So, he chose to take up the stage name City and Colour — a clever choice that still maintains the essence of who he is.

On Nov. 16, Green played to a sold out crowd at the San Diego House of Blues. His piercing vocals and beautiful lyrics echoed through the venue and touched the souls of all who attended.

The night began with opening band Hurray for the Riff Raff, who put on a short, but sweet performance.

Green came on stage shortly after with his guitar, a whiskey and a beer in hand. He sat two of the three down and welcomed the crowd that had been waiting in anticipation.

Green sank straight into the opening track, “Woman” off his latest discography, “If I Should Go Before You.”

After a mix of new and old songs, Green paused and addressed the crowd to speak about the recent events in Paris.

“Here’s to all the ones spreading love,” said Green before he played “Northern Wind.”

Throughout the night, Green spoke fondly to the crowd and made those more on the sentimental side tear up.

He himself got a little emotional as he thanked his faithful fans.

“When I was writing in my parents’ basement in St. Catherine, Ontario, I didn’t think that anybody would listen to it. I definitely didn’t think that I would be all the way here. This one is for anybody that’s been with me since the beginning,” said Green before playing “Save Your Scissors.”

Green ended the night with one of his more popular songs, “The Girl.”

His whole performance was heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. One of Green’s strong suits is his ability to weave in beautiful songs of love and heartache.

While he serenaded the crowd with songs such as “Northern Wind” and “As Much As I Ever Could,” he broke our hearts with “The Grand Optimist” and “Sleeping Sickness.”

He ended the night on a moment of hope and gave fans a fantastic performance.

To check out more of City and Colour’s tour and new music, visit their website here.


Source:: Dallas Green adds a little colour to San Diego

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