Albert Hammond Jr. tears down the newly built up Teragram Ballroom

By pcsanchez7505


Albert Hammond Jr., fashion designer, former Strokes guitarist and all around musical badass, played an amazing set on Oct. 14 at the newly established Teragram Ballroom.

Hammond, who released his third studio album, “Momentary Masters,” this past July, played to a full house of fans who were as rowdy and energetic as ever.

During the night, legs, arms and various other body parts flailed around in the pit as the show went from 0 to 80 in a matter of a few guitar riffs.

Even moments before Hammond took the stage, fans were swaying and humming with anticipation. The lights went dim and the Strokes extraordinaire himself walked in candidly to jump into his opening song.

“I feel like I should come down to your level,” said Hammond as he walked on stage, lowered his mic to kneel down and sing at eye level to the crowd.

Hammond played nearly 20 songs including a three-song set list. Songs from all three of Hammond’s albums were weaved into the night in a seamless stream of metallic waves and energy.

Although the fans themselves got a little too crazy at times, Hammond was happy to play to his audience and kept his cool throughout the night, even staying after to talk to the few faithful who lingered to meet the veteran musician.

“Losing Touch,” “Razor’s Edge” and “Blue” Skies” were among the powerhouse set list. As a solo artist, Hammond leaves the rowdy energy to his fans, while still maintaining his own raw power on stage.

Hammond’s third studio album was released through Vagrant Records and is a great collection of songs that radiate a positive energy.


Source:: Albert Hammond Jr. tears down the newly built up Teragram Ballroom

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