Sunlight: The First EP in Jon Foreman’s four-part project

By pcsanchez7505


Jon Foreman, the front man for San Diego alternative band Switchfoot, has stepped onto the solo stage to release four EPs scheduled to be debuted over the next year.

The project as a whole is titled The Wonderlands, but each EP is set to be vastly diverse and reflective of different times throughout the day – Sunlight, Shadows, Darkness and Dawn.

Sunlight, released May 26, is the first of Foreman’s four-series EPs. It is a beautifully crafted piece of art that consists of six acoustic tracks that flow together seamlessly. Foreman takes us through the lives of the perpetually flawed in his opening track “Terminal” and at last to the sweetness of innocence in the ending track “All of God’s Children.” In between, Foreman reflects on the modestly beautiful and simple joys of life.

Lyrics in the tracks are at times self-reflective and at other points make moving social commentary on the world around us. In a nutshell, it’s an EP that calls for togetherness, and like the warmth of the sun, is refreshing and revitalizing.

Foreman will be on a co-headline tour, both as a solo artist and with Switchfoot, with Needtobreathe this summer.

Shadows, Foreman’s next EP, is scheduled to be released July 16. For more about his music, be sure to check out

Source:: Sunlight: The First EP in Jon Foreman’s four-part project

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