An Intimate Interview and Evening with Wildling

By pcsanchez7505


On Friday, April 10, Wildling played in a basement at Claremont College to some fun and rowdy college kids. Before that though, I had the chance to talk with the band over some Wild Turkey Whiskey where band members revealed the inspiration behind their music and passions.

The show itself was as intimate as their interview, and one thing I have to note about this band is their sincere and honest desire to make music and entertain a crowd.

Singer Ryan Levine invites his audience to engage and live in the moment during a Wildling show.

Bassist Jason Levine feeds off of the energy of his older brother and band mates, while Casey Brothers (drums) and Andrew Ampaya (keyboards) carry themselves with a beautiful accuracy.

Their show at Claremont College was a unique experience with fans and friends. It’s that fact alone that makes Wildling stand out as a new band. Their fans don’t really feel like fans, but more so new friends. Aside from being talented musicians, the band makes a point to make their fans feel more than welcome.

1. Love You Love
2. Anywhere We Are
3. We Go All
4. Hummingbird
5. Doesn’t Really Matter
6. Opposite of Everything
7. Heart of Gold
8. Miracle Miles
9. Castles

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Source:: An Intimate Interview and Evening with Wildling

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