The Tallest Man on Earth Announces New Album

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It’s been three years since The Tallest Man on Earth, aka Kristian Matsson, last released an album. Since then, fans have had to settle with playing his music on repeat.

In mid-February however, Matsson graciously relieved us of his silence with an announcement for the release date for his new album Dark Bird is Home.

Dark Bird is Home, available May 12, will be the 4th studio album for The Tallest Man on Earth, and as if Matsson weren’t gracious enough, he also released a trailer for the album, which follows him through a series of outdoor endeavors and includes a very reflective monologue.

In addition to that date, Matsson has given us a new single, “Sagres.” The song includes more instrumentals than one is used to hearing from The Tallest Man on Earth, but his distinct voice and beautiful lyrics are ever present.

Matsson has also released several tour dates in LA, including a stop at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles.

I am extremely excited about a new album and have loved The Tallest Man on Earth for some time now. His music is soothing, self-reflective and reminiscent of Bob Dylan and other great Folk singers. His music is perfect for those wanderlust souls looking for a soothing relief.

You can find out more about tour dates and album release here.

Title tracks for Dark Bird is Home include:

1 Fields of Our Home
2 Darkness of the Dream
3 Singers
4 Slow Dance
5 Little Nowhere Towns
6 Sagres
7 Timothy
8 Beginners
9 Seventeen
10 Dark Bird Is Home

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