Mini Mansions Serenade The Troubadour With a Little Help From Alex Turner

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Michael Shuman: Mini Mansions & Queens of the Stone Age

So the fan girl in me wants to spend a thousand words just on Alex Turner and how he jumped on stage with Mini Mansions last night literally inches away from my face. The fan girl in me also wants to talk about how I finally got to meet him again and thank him for his music.

But I won’t do that. Last night Mini Mansions, the ethereal electro-indie rock trio, put on a spectacular show all on their own. Their performance showcased new songs, amazing covers and an astounding collaboration.

With a little help from Alex Turner and opening bands Cameron Avery and Fever the Ghost, Mini Mansions created an unforgettable night.

Mini Mansions took to the stage around 10 p.m., dressed in well-fitted suits and strutting out to Taco’s iconic song, “Putting on the Ritz.” The band cued an abrupt silence before jumping into their single, “Sherlock Holmes,” and “Death is a Girl.”

Mini Mansion members Zach Dawes (bass, drums), Tyler Parkford (keys, vocals), and Michael Shuman (drums, vocals and guitar) sauntered on stage and performed with poise and ferocity.

Their haunting vocals and aloofness created a paradox of a performance, and in the intimacy of The Troubadour – maximum capacity is around 400 – allowed fans to be within arm’s reach of the trio.

Halfway through their performance, the band played a bone chilling rendition of a famous Blondie track, “Heart of Glass” that was both otherworldly and beautifully composed.

Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys

The real show stopper though, was when the band played “Vertigo,” and Arctic Monkeys front man Alex Turner casually made a guest appearance. Turner, whose vocals are featured in the new song, has been traveling with Mini Mansions during their tour and has appeared in several of their shows.

Turner, one out of a handful of artists who have collaborated with Mini Mansions in their yet to be released second album, left fans speechless as he sauntered on stage, posed and disappeared just as mysteriously as he entered.

Earlier in the night, solo artist Avery (also of The Growl) started the night, walking on stage with a guitar, some sound equipment and a harmonica. His performance started off slow, but his sultry voice and charismatic attitude won over early attendees.

In stark contrast to Avery, was the second opening band, Fever the Ghost. Their performance was nothing short of theatrical, and came equipped with trippy sound effects, strobe lights and a spooky veil worn by the band’s singer, Casper.

With the help of Turner, Avery and Fever the Ghost, Mini Mansions were able to give an unbelievable performance and a spectacular night for the few hundred who found themselves lucky enough to be in a room with such an eclectic group of artists.

Source:: Mini Mansions Serenade The Troubadour With a Little Help From Alex Turner

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