Top Planners for 2016, My Best 5 Recommendations

By Holly Sosa

top planners for 2016

Long live the paper planner! There is something about my brain that responds better to writing things down. I apply this to several aspects of my life from Bible study to note taking and yes, my daily planner. When I put pen to paper, I retain information better and pause to think and reflect. I’m certain this is why I will always prefer a paper planner to any electronic app or tool. Plus I love being able to express my creativity to transform my planner from a simple task keeper to a sort of media journal. Last year, I gathered my recommendations for the top planners of 2015 and I thought I’d give it a go this year and share my Top Planners for 2016. I’ve had the privilege to actually hold, try, and feel out every planner on this list. While some may not work for me personally, they’re high quality planners that I know will work for some of you.

Erin Condren Life Planner

best planners for 2016 6

best planners for 2016 4

best planners for 2016 1

A longtime favorite of mine, the top of my list is always reserved for the ECLP. What sets this planner apart is it’s originality. As a lover of color, having that inspiration in my daily planner is huge for me. The covers are customizable and can be swapped out whenever the mood strikes. And I love being able to map out and view my entire week at a time. There are three versions available (vertical, hourly, and horizontal), but I’ll always be loyal to the original vertical layout; it’s just what works best for me.

Whitney English Day Designer

top planners for 20162

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 12.22.35 PM

While the Day Designer doesn’t work for me personally (I need to see my entire week at a time), this planner is perfect for people who take daily appointments, make long lists, and need an hourly schedule. One thing I really like about the DD is the daily quotes on each page. I love the idea of daily inspiration or motivation. The DD offers several cover options, but the Chloe Floral is my favorite! I love the Whitney English products and format so much, that I actually have the Today & To Do mini version for when things get really chaotic and I need to organize my thoughts on a daily basis.

Emily Ley’s Simplified Planner

top planners for 20161best planners for 2016 5

The Simplified Planner is one of my favorites, but since I’m a weekly gal, I can’t get behind it for my own personal use. It’s worth mentioning for people who can use a daily planner because it offers tons of space for lists, appointments, and even a space for daily dinner plans. The SP cover is rainbow, which I adore because color gives me life! Earlier this year, Emily released a weekly version of the SP, but the layout doesn’t work for me personally.

Jitney’s Journey’s Agenda

top planners for 20164

top planners for 20163

As a woman of faith, I love the Jitney’s Journey Agenda concept. I recently tried out their weekly version and loved the weekly scriptures, space for daily goals, gorgeous floral cover design, and weekly meal planner. This planner has so much to offer! The cover is on the thin side, which saves cost, but for someone like me who takes her planner everywhere, I need something more sturdy and a little smaller. This planner is perfect for someone who stays in one location or doesn’t travel with their planner.

Corie Clark’s Purposeful Planner

top planners for 20165

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What I love about the CCPP is that at the beginning of every month are planners for dinners, goals, monthly budget, and master tasks for your home. It’s truly an all-inclusive planner with a daily space for a brain dump and prayer or reflection. This planner is large (too large for me), but super sturdy. The cover is solid and thick and will protect your planner through daily jaunts to and from work or running errands. I really like this planner, but the size and daily layout don’t work for me. However, it’s so awesome that I know someone out there will love it and I had to share.

If you’re a paper planner gal, I know you’ll find something you will love and use in this list of Top Planners for 2016. If you haven’t ordered your planner yet, I hope this list helped you make your decision. Whether you’re a daily planner or weekly planner (like me!), the benefits of a paper planner are unnumbered.

Which of these five planners is on your new year’s wish list? Share your thoughts in the comments below and then be sure to follow Our Holly days on Instagram where I share photos of my planner way more often than I should!

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